Through my Eyes…

Looking at you,
I realize that there’s something
You’re hiding,
behind that mysterious smile of yours

Looking at you,
I realize,
I’m looking into a mirror
Unbiased, truthful

Everything is just as it appears to be
Without distortion, without manipulations
It’s clear, all of it at once

There’s an enigmatic charm,
that brings us closer
Your eyes narrate stories
Of love, friendship, fear, war, and worship

A melancholic melody
Easy on the ears
Like a song hummed softly
On a cold winter morning

Quite often, I run out of words
And all my attempts to describe you
Turn out to be an exercise in sheer futility
It is like holding a cube of ice in your fist
And then staring at it in utter disbelief
As it melts…


Inside the Furnace…

Heat, sweat, and fire
All of these are mere illusions
The only truth is you
An amalgamation of all three

A volcano erupts,
And countless billabongs begin overflowing
Your eyes, colder than a winter rainfall
Nakedness remains the only truth

As sweat rolls down my forehead,
it moistens your cheeks
Fire and water collide, to give rise to steam

An effigy of wax melts, as soon as it is touched
A touch full of ardour, lust, and exuberance
Arms wrapped around
A mystic smell ornamenting your body
Like morning dew on leaves

Your arms and legs wrapped around me,
Like thick blankets made of snow  (tell me what does this mean)
I can feel your long legs overpowering me
A few customary murmurs going past our lips

The navel on your stomach,
No less than a sleeping cyclone
And those breasts,
are like the Andes

I have seen you naked
Not just the flesh, not just the curves,
and not just the scars on your body
But all that lies within

Insecurities, vulnerability, and anger
I know of the memories that haunt you
Of the dark chambers you’ve been through
And, of the tribulations, you hide (try to)
Behind those gleaming eyes

As the heavens give a thunderclap ( tell me what this means)
Then begins a downpour
You are like thunder, I am like lightning
Both of us collapse, much like a house on fire
And melt away in each other’s arms
Like a lump of sugar melts away in a child’s mouth…

Fatal Desire- Part II

Part II

As the sun began to fade
And the harsh winds began blowing,
and began screeching the turf,
much like glass blades

The sun was blanketed in clouds
It is at this moment that Penelope’s mind began thundering aloud
Ithaca was covered in a shroud of despair
Somebody needed to do something
Ithaca needed a spark, Ithaca needed a flare

Athena saw Odysseus crumbling against Calypso’s might
It was a painful sight
Up in the heavens,
Athena went to the god of gods
To demand for Odysseus to be free
Or else, the heavens would burst,
and gods would go on a killing spree

Zeus send messengers for Odysseus to be freed
And to punish Calypso for her deed
Calypso couldn’t refuse
As no one could dare to say ‘no’ to Zeus

In the end, Odysseus returned home,
and everything was just as it needed to be
But for Calypso, this loss left a wound
A wound, that could never heal

She was left with nothing to lose
As with a task that that seemed daunting
Her search for love had reached a dismal end
Despite being a goddess, she was caught wanting




Fatal Desire…

Part I

After much bloodshed, the war was over
Odysseus, after a prolonged battle, returned from the city of Troy
There was relief, hope, and joy
but little did he know
That a much bigger ‘war’ was yet to be fought
And neither did he know,
that in a web of seduction, he’d be caught

Far away, on a mass of land called Ogygia
Lived Calypso, the daughter of Tethys and Atlas, the Titan God
Unbeknown to her, Odysseus reached the land
Surrounded by water, and covered by sand

It was Odysseus’ aura that ended up ‘pulling’ calypso, and she couldn’t resist
but not that she knew
That Odysseus couldn’t be held in the ‘fist’
At first, the advances were gentle and polite
But when nothing worked, she became restless
And it was here, that her art of seduction reached its height

The enchantment took Odysseus in its grip
It was all so silent, not even a single word escaped Odysseus’ lips
For 10 (7 in some accounts) long years, the enchantment held Odysseus
For Odysseus, it was a battle between lust and grit

Bits & Pieces…

As I lay in bed, with your arms wrapped around me
I couldn’t think of anything apart from thee
When the heavens opened, the earth, in its entirety,
succumbed to the soft-falling shower.
As we lay beside each other, my heart skipped a beat
I guess it symbolized latent power

Overflowing streams of thought overpower me
As I think of you, with a thousand inked pages
Lying in front of me
At yet, not a single word has the power to describe you,
because you’re a spirit, completely untamed and free

Today, when I hold my pen between my fingers
I tend to realize that you’re quite a humdinger
You made me write what was untold
It lied there, in the coffers,
So cruel and cold

Whenever, in the shackles of ignominy, I am caught
Pieces of you overthrow the clutter
It is here that memories begin to return
And curtains of darkness, thick and suffocating
Begin to burn

Again, as I lay in my bed,
with a thousand fragments of unspoken thoughts lying beside me,
I look into your eyes
which have, after a long night, become heavy and red
You count up to three
And, as always, a piece of you flies into me




Neither could I become yours
nor could you become mine
In order to erase everything
I decided to drown myself in an ocean of wine

you tell me, rather nonchalantly, that everything would be fine
But I, after suffering immensely,
would like to believe
we won’t be able to stand the tests of time
A man in my position wants everything to end
But to my horror, poisons too have turned benign
Things have gone downhill with time
And now, all I can do is to find solace in wine

With each passing minute, my pain intensifies
But you like always, have this habit of turning a deaf ear to all my cries
An intoxication seems to be overpowering me
As I lay motionless, while staring at the gray skies

It is really a wonder,
that I haven’t dropped hope just yet
For I know that I would be fine tomorrow
But for now,
I too, like most men,
was free to drown all my sorrows

A Passing Shower…

There’s eternal beauty in your eyes,
but the world thinks it’s a lie
I just can’t take my eyes off you
I don’t know why

We stood there for hours
And yet, neither of us could speak
A few silent whispers escaped your lips
While both of us lay silent, roared aloud the passing shower

There’s a thread which kept us together
In days bright and sunny, as well as in inclement weather
As I held your hand, you began to mumble
Right at this moment, our hearts began to crumble

“Your love brought me back from the coffers”, she said
As she finished saying this, her eyes turned red
I want to tell her what those words did to me
I fell in love with her all over again, can’t you see?